Monday, June 19, 2006

ICF opens London Chapter

The following announcement is dated 7 June 2006:

The United Kingdom Chapter of the International Communications Forum has been launched at a meeting in London. The meeting, chaired by Magnus Linklater, columnist for The Times and a former editor of The Scotsman, was attended by thirty ICF supporters from all branches of the media. Following the meeting, a Steering Committee under the chairmanship of Dr Frances Pinter, ICF Vice President, was formed. The task of the Committee is to establish the structure and programme for the UK Chapter. The members of the Committee are as follows:

Dr Frances Pinter (Chair)
Mr John Albert
Mr Simon Cohen
Mr Michael Foyle
Mr William Morris
Rev George Pitcher
Mr Russell Twisk

Robin Williamson
Hugh Nowell

The Steering Committee has held three meetings, and reports progress as follows:

Membership of the ICF Network
The ICF UK Chapter fully accepts the conditions of membership of the ICF Network as set out in the document entitled “Beliefs - Structure - Goals – Achievements”.

ICF UK Chapter Mission Statement
The ICF UK Chapter has adopted the following as its local Mission Statement:

The ICF UK Chapter’s mission is to identify and respond to the ethical challenges facing the media and to encourage and inspire those working in the media to both reflect and serve today’s vibrant and pluralistic society.

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