Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Censorship in the Name of Islam

Felix sends us this item. He comments: "This is really very interesting and in fact important. Most people probably do not know of all these regulations and restrictions which of course is part of the problem of the Islamic world's problem to get into the age of modernity".

In an article titled "Ban... Ban...," published in the Tunisian French-language weekly Rialitis, Tunisian columnist Zyed Krichen denounced the policy of censorship and denial of free speech that he said had been implemented by most Arab states and Islamist groups "since the advent of printing." In the second part of his article, he lists instances of censorship and persecution in the name of Islam from various Muslim countries, from 1925 to date, including banned works and writers and artists who have been imprisoned, flogged, and/or killed.


For the full ORIGINAL article in French, see THIS WEBSITE

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