Friday, December 14, 2007

Xenophobia and Pilgrim Hall

The Pilgrim Hall conference of the Next Century Foundation was just held to address post Annapolis peace process issues. It was very succesful. Amongst related issues addressed was that of xenophobia and the conference was addressed by Dr David Hirsh, Goldsmith's College, Univ of London; Editor,; Academic Committee, Interdisciplinary Initiative for the Study of Global Antisemitism, Yale University, will address the issue of xenophobia and its negative impact on peace.

David spoke of increasing levels of antisemitism in Britain. However, there are increasing levels of antisemitism worldwide - and most certainly in the Middle East. Our good friend Felix recently sent us this item in which the speaker of the Palestinian parliament describes the Jewish people as the "brothers of the pigs". So sick and sad to see this happening again. HAVING SAID WHICH - the speaker of the Palestinian Parliament was a VERY MODERATE Hamas man. Israel arrested him without charge and he was replaced with this extremist. Tell me someone - Why arrest the moderates? God only knows. What is salutory is that the Israeli- Palestinian Anti Incitement Committee, which had been shut down (rather foolishly let it be said) by Israel - is now to be reopened under the terms of the Annapolis agreement.


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