Monday, May 04, 2009

Repression of freedom by religios

Faisal sent this. I think it's important - and sad:

Please find the link to my latest submission to The Huffington Post, 'How Religion Were United by Faith Fighter'.

Here are some excerpts from the piece, hope you find it interesting:

It was both ironic and interesting to see how a video game titled 'Faith Fighter', where players control characters that are meant to represent: Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, God and the Hindu god Ganesh and fight in a one-on-one competition, managed to bring followers of different religions and beliefs together... in a matter of days!

However, it must be fascinating to see that believers of different faiths were united to stop a 'blasphemous' (though virtual) 'Street Fighter II'-style online game, while the very same people probably are continuing to engage in 'mortal combat' in real life!
Well... now that the job is done and the faiths of the world are finally united, somebody might want to check what is up with the freedom of speech lobbyists... they seem to be pretty upset about what has happened.

I guess when it comes to religion vs. freedom of expression... the game will never be 'over'!

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