Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hamas Represses Media Freedom

Hamas has increased its stranglehold on Media in the Gaza strip by closing down offices and detaining journalists, the Conservative Friends of Israel have brought to our attention.

In the past week Hamas have closed down the offices of the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate and started to interrogate their members. This must be seen as an attempt to reduce criticism of Hamas within Gaza by the media and to cement the place of their media outlets and so influence the news Palestinians in Gaza recieve.

The likely motive ofHamas' move against the Palestinian Journalist Syndicate seems to be that it has strong links with Fatah. Since Hamas has taken power it has used its power to force the closure of at least 25 press offices and it has also detained dozens of journalists in the Gaza Strip.

However there is another story here; the Conservative Friends of Israel in the act of bringing our attention to this story manipulated the facts saying that thousands not dozens of journalists have been detained. Although undoubtedly Hamas' actions are indefensible, the CFI's duplicitous act of manipulating the figures for political gain simply feeds the cycle of misinformation.

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