Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Dubai TV Editor forced to step down by Moroccan Minister

Dubai TV Editor, Omar Makhfi has recently (21 June) been forced to resign.

His brother, who was the correspondent to Morocco referred to the opposition protests that had been taking place on air.

He then called Morocco’s Information Minister for an interview, asking him about government perspective but instead of answering his questions, the Minister accused the journalist of supporting the planned 20th February protests- he then demanded political accountability of the journalist.

The TV station reviewed the incident and concluded nothing unethical had been said.

The Minister then preceded to call the UAE embassy and demand the Mr Makhfi’s resignation over the matter.

The TV Editor was fired despite his governments assurance they had no personal criticism to make. He also received an apology from the station, although they played no part in his dismissal.

This story surprised many as it is not often that Ministers would use their influential role in this manner, particularly towards the citizens of another country.

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