Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Jacoby on disinformation

Jeff Jacoby, a Boston Globe op-ed columnist listed numerous accounts of what he feels are biased reports of the Middle East in his speech, “why the media gets the middle east wrong”
Jacoby read two extracts from the New York Times editorials about the death of terrorists.  He showed a picture whose caption describes an Israeli police officer standing over a beaten Palestinian youth.  However, in reality, the youth was a Jewish boy from Chicago who had just been mugged.  He was running to the police officer for protection.  However Jacoby highlights how no one in the news media questioned the storyline of Israeli brutality and a Palestinian victim.
Jacoby highlights that fear contributes to biases in the news.  Jacoby gave the example of how the CNN admitted it knew horror stories about Saddam Hussein but did not air them until he was removed from power because of fear.
Jacoby feels that fear is another factor as to why most reporters are based in Jerusalem: Israel defends the right to a free press.  Therefore, more investigative stories are produced on Israel as there is less fear of the government harming reporters.

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