Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Syrian Journalists Disappear

Since the unrest in Syria began in March the number of journalists who have been arrested and remain in custody, or worse still disappeared, has been worryingly high. The latest in a string of such cases is business reporter Lina Saleh Ibrahim who works for the state-owned daily newspaper Tishreen. She has been missing for seven days and was last seen leaving her home in Damascus on 25th October.

Similar cases include Wael Yousef Abaza, a freelancer in Damascus, who is also reported to have disappeared; and Hussein Ghrer, a prominent blogger who disappeared after leaving his home in 24th October after writing a few days earlier: "Silence doesn't serve us after today. We don't want a country where we get imprisoned for uttering a word. We want a country that embraces and welcomes words."

The New-York based Committee For the Protection of Journalists (CPJ) believes all three are in state custody and has urged the Syrian regime to clarify the whereabouts of these journalists and explain why.

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