Monday, October 20, 2014

Nina: Glossy Magazine For Arab Women Launched In London

This came in from Karen Dabrowski:

Nina, a glossy magazine for Arab women everywhere was launched at London’s Iraqi Cultural Centre by the Editor- in- chief Madeleine White and Deputy Editor and Arabic specialist Sana Bekki.

The first issue of the colour bi lingual magazine included an interview with internationally renowned Iraqi-born architect Dame Zaha Hadid who conveyed a message of inspiration to Iraqi women stressing the importance of education. She said :”I believe education is so important allowing all young people to explore the future possibilities and learn from history, especially now where we are on a global stage. I see women around the world as being smart, gifted and tough but a good education can open ideas and opportunities. Secondly never give up. I am extremely grateful for my success but architecture is a tough profession, so it has been a struggle. I think it is very important to have the commitment to persevere and to have a strong belief in yourself. As a woman, you need the confidence that you can carry on and take new steps every time. You can’t always get everything right every time – but you have to keep trying.”

There is also an interview with one of the sponsors Iraqi billionaire industrialist Faruk Mustafa Rasool who points out that in Iraq there are quotas that 25 percent of politicians should be made of women. However , often women in positions of political power are there because of connections. I believe this is wrong. There should be professionalism in all areas of life.”

Nouriya Shaya, the first female bank manager in Iraq who will turn 90 this year tells her story as does Asmahan Nasir a 30-year-old widow who returned to her work as a hairdresser.

Nina has an impressive, growing strategic partnerships network. An MOU was signed recently with the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan and there are also strategic partnerships with Asiacell, Afren, Chamber Trade Sweden and Microsoft.

Issue two, focusing on the environment, will be published in December. 

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