Monday, March 05, 2007

Free Speech In Israel

This comes in from the controversial MPAC group:

A news conference was to take place yesterday in Jerusalem. It was planned to discuss the ongoing excavation in the vicinity of the Al Aqsa mosque, Islam's third holiest site. The Israeli Police did not allow the conference to take place. There have been ongoing demonstations in the Old City of Jerusalem protesting the work, resulting in mass arrests, closures and lots of bad publicity for the Municipality of Jerusalem.Using the 'excuse' that yesterday's conference was sponsored by Hamas, police delivered an order canceling it. Hamas is forbidden to hold any activities within Israel.

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Davis said...

I'm really beginning to wonder, William. Really.

You continue to use these antisemite's circulations. I have said it before and I will say it again, an organisation that for all it's antisemitism hidden behind supposed criticism of Israel and extremist, xenophobic advocacy, purportedly on Muslims' behalf, further has a leader who enthusiastically sent financial backing to the 'brave' David Irving, and urged other Muslims to do so as their duty, HAS NO PLACE in the output of an organisation such as this one.

Worse, Israeli censorship? Are we now clutching at straws to find anything to pin on Israel to excuse the agression from her Arab neighbours?

As you are well aware, I am sent, byt the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem no less, editorials every day, criticising Israeli policy. Often severly. And sent by the very policymakers who are being criticised.

Israel's press is as free as the UK's, and the rest of the Arab world's press is at best a joke and often, usually, entirely complicit and controlled.

Which brings me to the Temple Mount / Al-Aqsa controversy. Whipped up for political purposes, Muslim religious leaders once again urged their followers into an anti-Jewish hysteria over the widening of a bridge for political purposes. Interestingly enough, we heard no more at state level, after the Israelis called on the sheer ridiculousness of the Muslim outrage, invited the Turkish ambassador, and, who'd have known? No problem.

To post this, when I can only say that for all Israel's faults - I can show you a nice selection of Arab press cuttings from this week that Hitler would have been proud of, is somewhat strange.

Hamas, a terrorist organisation seeking the destruction of the Jewish homeland, should not be allowed to use lies and religious hysteria inside Israel on top of their relentless antagonism.

You should not post MPAC material, just as you would not post things from Kahane's followers.