Wednesday, February 16, 2011

US Journalists deported from Yemen

The American journalist Heather Murdock and photojournalist Adam Reynalds were deported from Yemen in May 2010. Murdock has written about the ordeal, which involved being detained for threee and a half days, interrogated, having their eqipment confiscated and being forced to write down the passwords to their email accounts.

Murdock had been reporting from Yemen for the past 11 months. She was detained by the Yemeni authorties after travelling to the South of the country with Reynalds to report on the separatist movement for the Washington Times. Although there is no official ban on journalists visiting the South, the government has consistently refused to grant travel permits to journalists seeking to travel to the south. The governemnt's concern over the south indicates that political unrest and calls for southern independence might be growing in strength.

Murdock's story was also broadcast on the Voice of America

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