Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Complaining about Libya

Hugh Nowell of the International Communications Forum copied us into this letter to his Member of Parliament:

Mr Stephen Hammond MP
House of Commons
London SW1A 0AA

22nd March 2011
Dear Mr Hammond,
Libyan Debate

I have one thought to contribute on this subject. Concern is being expressed about the end game of this Allied Operation. When can we justifiably leave?
Does sustainable protection of the Libyan people require us to remove Gadaffi, which could be said to exceed our mandate from the UN? In any case it risks losing the current support of other Arab States and the Arab league, which would be disastrous.
Should the emphasis of our role therefore include enabling the Libyans to fulfil their own objectives rather than trying to do the job for them? It is their country, their responsibility. It may take longer but there are other gains. Time for the Libyan dissidents to develop their united leadership, remove the argument that the allies are taking control of their country and increase their self-respect.
With best wishes for the challenging task of resolving the degree of our involvement.
Hugh Nowell

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