Thursday, May 05, 2011

Complaint about AP coverage of Syria

Farid Ghadry makes the following complaint:

Dara'a. News organizations, like AP, are reporting that Assad has begun withdrawal from Dara'a. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Assad does not withdraw on Thursdays, he reinforces on that day. According to eyewitnesses, thousands of security men remain on the outskirts, scores of tanks remain in the city . . . Should AP not report this?
FoxNews carried the story by AP, which quoted Syrian officials claiming they have "carried out its mission in detaining terrorists." For AP's information, people seeking freedom from terror are not terrorists. No excuse for reporting lies. For the organization to rely on the Syrian official line . . .  is beyond absurd.

We have checked this issue and the complaint against Fox News / AP does not seem justified. See the following link:

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