Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Anton remembered

On April 5th, four journalists came under fire from Gaddafi forces in a particularly remote area of the Libyan desert.
An official spokesperson for the family has said that Libyan officials ‘assured’ them he was alive and in captivity, and it was not until May 18th, when Gaddafi forces released four other international journalists, that the well- being of Anton Hammerl came into question. Hammerl had been missing for over thirty five days when his colleagues; James Foley, Clare Gillis, Manu Brabo and Nigel Chandler confirmed that he was dead

His colleagues, who were allegedly captured in the same attack, claim there was no hope that Hammerl could have recovered from the gunshot wound to the stomach that he sustained in the ‘rapid fire’ attack. There will be a memorial service for Anton this week on 8th September at 3pm at St Brides' Church, Fleet Street. 

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