Thursday, August 04, 2011

Death Penalty for T-Shirt Sellers

Ndey Topha Sosseh, previously the President of The Ghana Press Union, was sentenced to death with two other Ghanians in a treason trial. The group were selling t-shirts which demanded an end to the rule of the Ghanian president, Yahya Jammeh. Their outburst against authoritarian rule has resulted in the extreme sentence.

Sosseh is also treasurer for the Federation of African Journalists and is affiliated with the International Federation of Journalists. These groups, as well as the West African Journalists Association, openly condemn the Ghanian government’s decision. The charges describe the journalists as conspiring to ‘overthrow the Government of Ghana by unlawful means.’
The appalling charges symbolise the difficult environment experienced by journalists in Ghana, as well as the lack of human rights and liberties.

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* It's in the Gambia, not Ghana ;)