Wednesday, August 03, 2011

The Mystery of Liliane Khalil

The conspiracy theories emerging around Liliane Khalil, the frequent Twitterer and unprofessional journalist, detail a fake identity and a web of pretence. The photograph accompanying her account also appears to belong to other users named Victoria Nasr and Gisele Cohen.
Khalil’s commendable Twitter following is a result of her recent reports and comment on the Arab Spring. She further claims to have interviewed numerous giants such as King Hamad and the Bahranian Foreign Minister. She declares her ethnicity as Palestinian Arab Armenian, and states that she was born in the US and was educated in the UK.

For a character so detailed and apparently growingly popular, her sudden anonymity has made the mystery around her Twitter ‘disappearance’ even more sensational.
Her disappearance follows her involvement with another mysterious Twitter username, entitled @operationlibyia. Supposedly working in Zintan, Libya, Khalil wrote an obituary for one of their members who died.
The freedom fighters then asked for donations to be paid into their account from fellow tweeters, and Khalil was at the front, asking for support. It was revealed that this username was in fact fake, after suspicions emerged regarding their fluent tweeting although they were in a besieged town. Khalil angrily denounced the group; however her own Twitter and Tumblr accounts were then deleted, along with all her blogs and articles.
An article remains, one that she wrote for Bahrain Independent. Strangely, their website has also disappeared.
Perhaps some degree of this is coincidence, otherwise @operationlibyia, ‘Liliane Khalil’ and the Bahrain Independent were all in on this mysterious Twitter scam.

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